GASwerk - Geronimo Application Server Assemblies

GASwerk provides production ready solutions based on proven OpenSource components.
Three server assemblies based on Apache Geronimo Application Server are available. Each of them solving a particular problem.
GASwerk SOA Stack is a powerful feature-rich SOA assembly for agile businesses that want to bring their IT department closer to their business processes. GASwerk SOA provides an Enterprise Service Bus for connectivity and an business process engine to model all the processes.
GASwerk Spring is focused on developer needs. It provides a Spring framework deployment feature. Equipped with GASwerk Spring, your Geronimo Application Server is able to directly deploy Spring Applications to your server.
GASwerk JMS is a Messaging Cluster based on Javas Messaging Service (JMS). It is a powerful, scalable solution for companies where message throughput and reliability is critical.
And of course you could use all the GASwerk pieces together or only parts of the whole stack.
Geb GAS!