GASwerk SOA Stack Overview

The GASwerk SOA Stack tries to solve a common problem for OpenSource SOA solutions. There are many proven OpenSource projects available. Each of them solving a particular problem. But there was no real OpenSource solution combining them to an OpenSource SOA Stack.

GASwerk SOA Stack tries to solve this problem and prevent companies from reinventing the OpenSource SOA wheel when building SOA solutions! GASwerk is free and licensed under the Apache Software License.

The Stack uses the following components to provide SOA functionality:

  • ServiceMix as ESB Implementation
  • Apache ODE for Business Process Execution
  • Apache Camel for rule based routing
  • Geronimo for JavaEE features
With GASwerk SOA Stack you are able to combine classic JavaEE applications with SOA functionality. For example if you want to develop a web based solution which should control your SOA process you could write a simple web application deploy it as WAR and define your process with BPEL and deploy it to the Stack. A simple sample application is available. Try GASwerk SOA Stack today!