Install Spring support into Geronimo 2.0.1

If you don't want to use the whole GASwerk Spring assembly or you need other Geronimo components which are not included in the minimal GASwerk Spring assembly (for example EJB support) you are also able to use Spring Deployment support. The plugin can easily be installed via the Geronimo plugin install mechanism.

GASwerk offers a Geronimo plugin containing the spring deployment support which is installable into any Apache Geronimo distribution.

Install the plugin

If you are behind a proxy please make sure that your proxy is configured properly!


or for Unix


Installation via Commandline

You can install the plugins via the command line interface of Apache Geronimo.

First of all you have to download the plugin file and put it in a local directory (easily in the bin dir of your Geronimo installation). This file can then be installed by executing the Geronimo deploy command like this:

deploy install-plugin
Further information about the deploy command can be found in the official Geronimo documentation.

After installing the plugin you are able to use the GASwerk Spring Deployment module.

Installation via Admin Console

Step 1 - Geronimo Admin Console

Step 2 - Create and Install Plugins

Step 3 - Add Plugin Repository (

Step 4 - Search Plugins

Step 5 - Search Plugins result - GASwerk plugins

Step 6 - GASwerk Spring integration

Step 7 - Ready to install

Step 8 - Be happy with the installed plugin