Why GASwerk SOA Stack?

Why you should use GASwerk SOA Stack:

  • You don't have to reinvent the OpenSource SOA wheel!
  • It assembles proven OpenSource components to build a production ready solution
  • Each bundled component is perfect in his area. But there is no complete OpenSource bundle available.
  • You are able to deploy JBI artifacts as well as JavaEE artifacts in the same way. - If you're building a SOA solution with a web based frontend you're able to deploy it to one GASwerk SOA Stack server.
  • It combines benefits from all the integrated components (for example: ConnectionPools from Geronimo, JBI deployment from ServiceMix, BPEL support from ODE, WebContainer integration from Geronimo, Manageability from Geronimo, ...) - and you don't have to assemble it yourself!
  • All components are integrated (for example: ServiceMix uses Geronimos Transaction Manager, ODE uses Geronimos Connection Pool,..)
  • ServiceMix components and shared-libs are preinstalled. It's not a plain Enterprise Service Bus.
  • GASwerk sources are Apache licensed
  • GASwerk will also assembly non Apache licensed OpenSource components if reasonable (for example: EDIReader for EDI transport, Jbi4Corba)
  • Support for clustered solutons
  • You don't have to register to download GASwerk!